I am so sorry guys for my complete lack of correspondence in the past week. You just wouldn’t believe how busy I have been. I spent Monday night in Nana and grand dads house with mummy and daddy cause my house was being insulated. I was so super excited to get back and see what this insulation operation was! There was so much getting ready for the insulator man that I knew it was going to be big! I expected glitter and glamour all over the place. Like come on been insulated sounds cool to you right! WRONG I came back and there was no change at all. I couldn’t see what had been insulated. Daddy told me it was the Walls. Now guys let me tell you this, I spent all day today searching the entire wall for any sign of the insulator and guess what! Nada guys! So now I am thinking mummy and daddy are trying to Cod me! Not impressed. If they wanted a night at Nanas and grand dads they could just have said. They didn’t need to make up an insulator story.

So after that traumatic experience I had , what with the moving to nanas and then coming home to nothing with all my excitement I just really wasn’t in the mood to blog. So I am really sorry cause I know you must have missed me:-)

Also Auntie Laura and Uncle Pete have deserted me this week guys. I am just all gloom and doom I am. I am having one of them Murphys law weeks. Anyway auntie Laura and uncle pete have gone some where called holidays. I have heard this is what mummy’s and daddy’s do in other to get ready for the new baby. I don’t think it’s possible to go back to holidays once you have a baby. That’s what the word on the street is anyway. Holiday must have a no baby policy. Oh man does that mean I can never visit Holiday either cause that would not be good. It sounds like loads of fun at holiday where ever that is and I so dont want to miss out. Does any one know what the policy is on this guys. Do you think someone could sneak me in the back door of holiday?

Also I made a giant leap from the Moses basket which is right next to mummy and daddy’s bed in to the Cot which is a whole three feet away from the bed. I am so proud of myself guys- you just wouldn’t believe. Now I do have a little question to ask ye all. Is it normal to wake up side ways and upside down? I don’t know how I manage it but every day I wake up in a completely different position! Strange or what! I hope no one is calling in the middle of the night and moving me to another place.

So guys I am going to love you and leave you. I need to try and nurse poor mummy back to health. She was sick last week and now she is sick this week as well. That woman is turning into a full time job! Like does she not realise I have enough of my own problems without having to deal with hers. Really like, your just never done with parents are you? There’s always something with them.

Love ye all guys. Big kisses and cuddles ( cause I am getting really good at them) your Baby B x x

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