Sorry, sorry, sorry

Guys I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated my blog!!!! It’s like forever! I guess life is busy and times are good but that’s really no excuse is it?

So since the last time we spoke our little family has finally booked our first family summer holiday! A whole fun filled week in the Banna Beach resort in Tralee. I just can’t wait. Mummy only went and managed to secure our holidays to coincided with toddler week. This means that for the full week there is entertainment for Moi from morning to night! I hear Minnie and mickey mouse will be there along with loads of puppet shows, face painting, toddler discos and more woo hoo I might pick me up another guy:-) I only have two boyfriends at the moment you know.

Daddy is really not impressed with me at all. Every time we pass a group of boys I shout “boys” I can’t help myself it comes naturally. Mummy thinks its hilarious but daddy really does not. He says I sound like some guy called Fr Jack from Fr Ted !!!!! What ever that is!

So now I am really doing my best to curb my natural urge to scream boys, boys, boys especially when I am around daddy. Of course mummy didn’t help the matter by sending him video proof of me running after and hugging all the guys at the last toddler disco I was at during the Barney show in trabolgan. Any advice on how to dodge parents and go out with my guys in peace would be really appreciated. I hear on the grapevine that my auntie Laura may be my best advisor here. We’ll wait and see.

In other news my speaking is really coming along. Life is so much easier now that my slaves …. Sorry, sorry I mean my mummy and daddy know what I am saying and what I want. It was like the other night daddy was doing his best to get me to sleep. In fairness it only took him two and a half hours. I don’t know what he was thinking putting me to bed at ten to nine.

Thankfully I managed to pull another two and a half hours out of that and was still awake when mummy came home from her airport pick up with work at ten past eleven !! Now usual mummy likes me to be asleep at a reasonable hour, by at least 10.30pm…. I thought daddy and I would be in big trouble. Thankfully everything was ok, I heard them giggling and laughing down stairs while daddy told mummy the story of me lining up all my Oso teddies and saying ” Oso friend” and kissing them all goodnight and then getting my book for daddy and saying ” daddy read it” daddy was nearly crying, I don’t know why!

Anyway finally I was getting bored listening to them giggling downstairs while daddy got me a refill of the “house white” aka my ba ba so I stood at the stair gate upstairs and shock it while shouting ” come on Daddy, come on” again more laughing. Seriously don’t know what to make of these two I got as parents. One minute they could be crying and the other they could be laughing. Mummy whispers “thanks for choosing me to be your mummy “every night to me. I always answer in my head ” your welcome” she’s really lucky you know cause most other kids wouldn’t put up with the two of them the way I do. I don’t have the heart to tell them this however cause as mummy and daddy says I have a beautiful heart;-)

Anyway I better head, got alot to do before I hit the hay. Talk to you all really soon your little lady B x x

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