Summer 2012

Hey guys, I don’t even know where to start its been so long since I posted. I guess the beginning is always a good place……

So here I am travelling to beautiful Bere island on the ferry boat with my best buddies Tadghie and Jason ( we brought the parents as well by the way) when suddenly I look down and my ultra cool hello kitty glasses are slowly disappearing down and down in the water. I raised the alarm to daddy by shouting ” get them, get them” in my high pitched excited voice that usually makes mummy and daddy jump but to my utter amazement he just laughed and continued to watch my lovely glasses disappear.

Oh yeah that was after he called everyone else to show them my disappearing glasses. As you all know I was completely not impressed. Well little did I know that that was the least of my worries, we had only just landed on the island when all drama broke out.

Mummy and uncle Mark thought that I was breathing fast. Daddy and mummy made a call and there we were on an emergency unscheduled ferry off the island. The complete and utter mortification of it all was unbearable. Mummy drove us the two and a half hour journey to CUH while daddy sat in the back with me, on what he calls a roller-coaster ride! He is referring to mummy’s driving here but I won’t say much about that, I don’t want to upset her even more.

So finally at twenty to twelve we arrived at the hospital and they pulled and dragged me for the whole night. Mummy and daddy was starting to get really upset when finally the next day I was allowed home with some medicine and was told it was tonsillitis.

According to the doctors it was a good thing that mummy and daddy brought me back up to the hospital that night as I spiked a fever in the middle of the night and this can be very dangerous especially to a heart baby like me. Phew thank God my parents seem to know what they are doing.

So thankfully I got better really fast and ended up being spoilt rotten. My two nana’s both turned up in the same day within an hour of each other with a pram and dolly for me. TWINs woo hoo, that was until I found out how much work is in looking after one baby never mind two!!!!! You should see me trying to push both prams at the same time. It’s not easy I can tell you that. My advice to everyone out there is do not under any circumstances order twins when your filling out the stork request form the next time you are having a baby.

So finally when I was much better I got to hang out with daddy’s work friends in west Cork. I had the best day as I was totally in the spot light for the day where I obviously shine and am at my best. You can see this below in the picture of me with the two teenage girls Emma and Katelyn and I finally met Shannen who was waiting for me at Baba’s cross. I love teenagers they are ultra cool. They can do whatever they want but are still hip and cool unlike my mummy and daddy. I wish we knew more teenagers.

Then I got to spend another day with all my cousins from Athlone. We all went to the zoo for the day. They just loved the Monkeys.

The next day mummy, daddy and I stayed down in my nana Rose’s mobile home and we went to the beach and flew a big kite in the sky and made sand castles. My few first one on a beach. Later that evening we went to the festival together and I got to dress up as a beautiful Fairy. I really should dress as a Monkey as daddy is always saying I am a little Monkey! Maybe next time.

So I think I have caught up on all my news. I am going to post loads of pictures so you can see what we have been up to this month. We are trying to fit all of our summer into the very few days of sunshine we have. Mummy is great at this. In one day we went to the zoo, had a picnic, a BBQ, got out my little swimming pool and went for a paddle, had ice cream and went for a walk. That was our summer 2012 in one day.

Hope ye are all enjoying your summer. Mummy says its nearly over so we need to make the most of the next two and a half weeks. Oh man time is going to fast. Until next time I love ye loads your little lady B x x

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