Sunny sunday

Mummy had a really bad night last night. Her vertigo is back. This is not a good thing. She was up all night and we are still in bed now. I was looking forward to seeing where she was taking me today and now I am stuck here in the apartment in bed:-( oh well. Daddy is watching the munster match. Might keep my ears open and try and understand what’s going on. Daddy says I am going to be a munster supporter:-) he is getting me a jersey and everything when I come home to cork.

Tomorrow mummy is due to get her sweep in the hospital. To be honest I am glad I am not her. Mummy’s really funny friend Michelle explained exactly what this involves to mummy. Let’s just say I am glad it’s her and not me:-) michelle is really funny and has been so good to my mummy since she found out about my special heart. She knows what it’s like for mummy and is a straight talker who always makes my mummy laugh. I love her for that:-) i am going to give her the biggest heart hug ever when I meet her:-)

Anyway better get back to mummy. She really isn’t having a good day. Going to see if I can do river dance. That always cheers her up.

Lots of love and heart hugs B x x

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