Table Quiz

Hi guys, I just want to remind everyone of the super duper Table Quiz that I am holding for Crumlin’s Children’s Hospital. It’s on this Thursday the 8 th of December at 7.30pm in the Carrigaline Court Hotel. I hope to see you all there;-) I got amazing prizes for you all and worked my nappy off last night getting everything ready with my mummy. So you all better be there 🙂

I have my heart Cath with crumlin on Monday guys. This is a major deal as it will tell me if I can have my operation or not. So guys if you get a chance please say a big prayer to holy god for me. Please ask him to make my leaky valve better so it won’t affect my operation, please pray that my pressures are ok and that they find no surprises in my heart, well unless it’s a good surprise like finding my missing ventricle.

So I better head and go pack for my big trip to the big smoke. I have to go to hospital tomorrow until Tuesday so as you can imagine I need to pack loads of toys for that long.

Love ye all loads, your Baby B x x

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