Tattoo time

Well guys I am seriously lacking in keeping mummy and daddy in line. You will never believe what they did today! I am nearly afraid to say it. I am just mortified. They only went and got themselves a tattoo.

They both said they would never ever do something like that. However I guess it’s for a really special reason. That reason is me. Daddy’s Tattoo is on his arm. It’s a heart with a B in it and the chinese symbol of Hope. This is my second name. It’s also got stitches in it. That’s to represent my open heart surgeries – oh man hate thinking about them. Also it’s got my date of birth on the side.

Mummy’s Tattoo is my name on her foot and a little heart for me. They told me they got them done so that I will be with them both forever no matter what happens. I am always going to be in their hearts. They got it done together at the same time as they are in this journey together from start to finish. Oh please how sad are they like ! All I can say is Mortified 🙂 I love that word. It’s totally my saying guys.

So anyway enough about them, back to me! I am doing great. Thanks for asking. I know that people are asking about me all the time. I am living a pretty good life. I wake up at 5 am to watch cartoons. I make mummy or daddy get up with me. If I am awake then I expect them to get up with me. That’s what parents do right! They are there purely for my amusement and to do everything I want them to do. I heard mummy tell nana today that I am spoilt rotten and a tele addict. Darn right I am. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well guys I didn’t think it was possible but I am actually getting better looking day by day. I just can’t help it. Mummy and daddy are getting worse looking day by day. Heard mummy say it’s got something to do with the 5 am starts. Seriously is this woman for real. If I am getting better looking each day and I get up at five then who does she think she is trying to fool by blaming the early mornings!

So guys I guess that’s all for today. Going to post up pictures of mummy and daddys Tatts as uncle Pete likes to call them. Love uncle Pete by the way, he made the most amazing built ins in mummy and daddy’s run AKA my room saying in there till I am 30 like. It’s great to have two live in servants. That’s mummy and daddy ha ha.

Love ye lots like jelly tots B x x x



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