The BIG 1

Well guys this is it, my last week as a baby! From next Friday onwards I will officially be in digit land as I turn the big 1 on Friday. Looking back over my year I can honestly say I have learned alot more than most babies my age. I think I have done more than I ever dreamed possible. In one year I have lived quite a life!

I love everyone except people in blue and green tops obviously and anyone in the medical field, even if I respect them and I am really thankful to them for my repaired heart.

I love everyone because life is too short not too. My Nana thinks I have a big heart because I go around hugging EVERYONE – silly Nana you think she would know by now it was my small heart that caused all the problems!!!

I have enjoyed nearly everyday of my life and I feel so lucky and blessed to be here in this beautiful world. Everyday and every night along with mummy I thank Holy God for ME and for my life and all my blessings, because just imagine if you woke up in the morning and you only had left what you thanked God for yesterday!

I want to make sure that Holy God continues to bless me and my little family. Before I was born mummy and daddy didn’t thank God enough for all their blessings. However like me they now thank Him everyday as well:-) because this year they found a faith they didn’t know they had and they are so thankful to me for that. I do wonderful work as well I guess…

My favourite thing to do in the whole world , well apart from loving everyone is visiting Leahy’s farm and Fota Zoo. This is because I absolutely love animals. I am fascinated by dogs. Mummy and daddy don’t know it yet but I have a special arrangement with my uncle Pete to get me a dog in a few years time. Ha ha – too bad mummy and daddy, you know I always win and get what I want anyway so there’s no point arguing with me on this one.

This year during the summer mummy, daddy and I did something every day. This is because we all learned this year that life is for living and we are here for the good time, not the long time as uncle Pete would say.

This year I plan to take my mummy and daddy to even more amazing and wonderful places. Now that I can travel more with my repaired heart I plan to take on the world one country at a time and as I am such a nice baby I am going to take the parents along with me. Sure God love them they would be absolutely lost without me. I really do not know how they looked after themselves before I came along! Thank God I was born when I was because they would be in some sorry state now if I wasn’t around to knock them into shape and make them walk the line as Johnny Cash would say. Wow – I am really into my quoting people tonight guys.

I would like to thank you all so much for donating to Crumlin Hospital through my donation page. I had a quick peek to see how many people had made donations and by the looks of it I am going to get millions of cards from the nice people of Crumlin for my Birthday. I am so super excited about this. As you all know I am only having a little family get together this Friday for my actual birthday as I am not six weeks post op yet.

However you guys better watch out for the party of the year which will be my party to celebrate my safe arrival back from a very risky operation and of course my big birthday celebration to celebrate turning the BIG 1. Yikes, I feel really ancient now guys… I really don’t know how my mummy and daddy lives with themselves being sooooo old.

So you are all invited to my big birthday celebration. As soon as I discuss everything with the party planner, AKA my mummy I will revert back to you with the finalised details and date. I love sharing my life with all you guys, I can’t wait to see you at my Birthday to celebrate my wonderful life. Thank you for sharing it with me. I hope that next year will be as wonderful as this last one.

The next time you hear from me on my blog I will no longer be your Baby B – I will be stepping into the big girl world this week, so signing off as Baby B for the very last time – I love you lots and lots like jelly tots your Baby B x x




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