The heat is on – operation transformation

What an exciting day guys. I am so super excited to let you all know that I am hosting my very own operation transformation. That’s right nana France’s and daddy are in competition with each other to see who is going to loose the most weight. It starts today and ends on the 25 th of August. Which ever one has lost the most weight wins. It’s pretty serious as well as they have both invested 300 euro each. Which ever one wins gets all the money. That’s a massive 600 euro guys. I would have joined in for that much money but I am supposed to be putting on weight not losing it 🙂 which reminds me – all went well at my CUH check up today. I still have to see about the crumlin check up next week but hopefully all will be fine. I am now 13 pounds. That’s pretty god guys. I am well pleased with myself.

Anyway guys back to nana and daddy. So I am going to check their weight every Monday and every Monday I will be letting you guys know who has lost the most weight that week and who won each week. It’s going to be so much fun. Nana and daddy have already starting making fun of each other. Daddy has gone for a cycle tonight as well. This is how I know it’s really serious guys.

So I want you all to vote tonight and let me know who you think is going to win. Nana Frances or Daddy. I told them I was posting this on my blog and I would really like ye all to offer words of support to them. This was my idea and I really want them both to get healthy for me. So guys I would be so happy and would really appreciate if ye would post up some words of support to my nana and daddy.

Thanks so much guys. I am so excited about this. Can’t wait to give ye my weekly update on them.

Love ye all guys. Night night your Baby B x x


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