This is it

Our beautiful little girl is now on her way to a repaired heart thanks to the wonderful surgical team at Crumlin.

Nothing can ever prepare you for the heart wrenching pain of handing your baby over for a six hour open heart surgery. It took all my power not to run away with her, hospital gown and all.

Thank you everyone for your over whelming support. A lady named Helen Walsh who follows Eoin on twitter is a writer from the evening Echo and we have been told that she wrote an article today for the Echo to spread CHD awareness. This Blog was started to help other families like us, so we appreciate your help in spreading awareness.

Right now we are barely functioning, our blog will probably be short and to the point over the next few days as I am not as good a writer as Béibhinn. Once she is feeling better I am sure she will be stealing my phone again and letting you all know how she is getting on.

Please pray for our little girls speedy recovery.

Love Béibhinn’s mummy x x

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