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Hi everyone hope ye all had as good a week as I have had. I have so much news just let me tell you. I started my week by going on a big holiday to my nana and grand dads mobile home in west Cork. You see this is where my nana comes from. Grand dad comes from some place really far away called Athlone. I can’t go there until after my operation. I am really looking forward to that. Going to Athlone obviously, not the operation bit. I hope it’s as interesting as Nana’s home place.

So we visited all the wonderful sites of beautiful west Cork and even went to visit my great grand aunt Ka. This is my nana’s auntie. She is really lovely and lives in the same house that my great grand nana Margaret lived in when she was a baby. Now I know it’s really hard to imagine that there is someone actually older than my Nana but there is??? My great Nana – Margaret.

My mummy told me that she was the bestest, most beautiful Lady in the whole wide world and mummy loved her so so much. She lives in Heaven now but we went to visit her during the week as well. When people go to heaven you apparently can still visit them at their house which is near to where they used to live but I couldn’t see anyone when we visited all my mummy’s family the Nagle’s that went to heaven.

Its really strange. Mummy said heaven is even further away than Athlone so that’s way to far to go but their house is still near. We also visited all of mummy’s other grand aunties and grand uncles when we visited Great grand nana Margaret. They all live really near each other now. I couldn’t believe she had so many. The Nagle’s are a big clan so they are.

After my exhausting history tutorial on mummy’s really massive family the Nagle’s, mummy brought me to visit all the houses that all these ancient people used to live in and mummy, nana and grand dad were telling really funny stories about all these people. I felt so left out cause I don’t know amy of these people and I was in shock, I can’t believe all the things mummy did before I was even born. I thought her life only began in January this year. That’s what she keeps telling me anyway. I am super annoyed that she lied and had this whole other life and it took her a whole five months to tell me about it. So not impressed guys. Also another shocker mummy and nana were babies once upon a time just like me. Can you believe that guys!

So on Friday mummy and I came back home as Daddy was coming back from working in London. You will never guess what he got me. Ok I will tell you. He got me Special Agent Oso. I was so excited when I saw him I nearly fell out of mummy’s arms cause I was jumping and laughing so much. I can’t believe that Special agent Oso wants to spend all his time with me when he is oh so busy on all his special assignments.

In other news my Auntie Laura is 20 weeks today which means I am nearly half way there to meeting my Cuz. So I would like to state for the record that this is my official order form to the Stork – Dear Mr Stork that delivers all the babies, I would like auntie Laura and uncle Pete to have a healthy baby Girl please. Mr Stork that means that the baby will wear pink and we can wear matching outfits and get into loads of trouble together when we are older. Of course as I am older I can Blame my Cuz – Ha Ha. If you send me a baby girl we will be like sisters just like auntie Laura and mummy. I would really like that as they are really nice to each other most of the time.

Now I really hope I am being specific enough here Mr Stork, cause my Auntie Deborah who is supposed to be really smart and intelligent totally messed up her order form and ordered a boy instead of a girl. I have nearly forgiven her for that because now I have a second chance for a best friend so please don’t mess it up 🙂 of course mummy wants to say she doesn’t mind either way and will love the baby either way. Yeah right mummy, WHATEVER, I still want a girl 😉 I think grand dad may want a boy Mr Stork so please ignore that order form and only listen to my one. I have only just made friends with uncle Pete for calling me the bold baby and I would be mortified if I had to have a fight with auntie Laura for messing up my order. So that’s all I will say on the subject for now anyway 🙂

I must go now guys cause I have a really busy week ahead. My mummy’s god mother is coming all the way from England and is going to call to see me. I need to brush up on my manners for when she comes. I hear English people can be posh like the Queen and I am not sure yet if my mummy’s god mother is part of the royal family or not. If she is I am going to see if she can get me tickets to one of the royal parties. That would be loads of fun.

So guys as I am only blogging once a week I am going to add a few more pictures to my blog entries. I will talk to ye all next week. Have a great week and make sure you do something fun and create loads of happy memories like we do every week.

Love ye all lots like jelly tots – your Baby B x x





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