Trauma and Technology

Where do I start. I had a tough day to begin with and I just did a big blog entry for ye all and daddies phone deleted it.

I started the day meeting various doctors including Dr McMahon. He told me that while they did see a spleen on my echo, it is not functioning properly and therefore need to be treated as asplenic. He also said the valve in my heart is now a little more leaky than it had been and we need to keep a close eye on it. I was going to say to him “you thought the economy has problems” but I don’t think he would like my sense of humour.

Next the surgical team came around about my feeding problems. They said that I should start feeding with an NG tube. I thought this was a new top for my bottle. How wrong was I! The nurse got mummy and daddy to hold me down while she shoved a tube up my nose and all the way down to my stomach. I was roaring crying and mummy was balling too.

Then they sent me to the ENT doctor downstairs. He got a camera and shoved it up my other nostril to see my throat. Talk about stealing somebodies thunder. Mummy cried louder than me this time. The doc sent me for X-rays and concluded that I have a lazy part in my throat which makes the noise but this is not causing the fast breathing. Back to the drawing board to figure that one out!

I am on four medications now. Two are a diuretic to reduce fluid retention, one is my antibiotic and I the last is omeprazole for reflux. Daddy takes this one too so I like being like him.

I am going to get some sleep now. Mummy is gone to bed and daddy is asleep on the chair next to me. I must put his phone back before he wakes.

Anyway keep sending on all the prayers as I need them and I will update ye all again soon.

Love ye all.

B. Xx x

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