Trip to the big smoke

Hey guys, monday I am back up in the big smoke for my big check up with crumlin. Have an ECG and Echo of my heart along with a meeting with Dr Mc Mahon to see how my heart is holding up. Daddy is pretty chilled about the appointment but of course mummy is starting to panic. Now to be fair to her she is not as bad as she was the last time, but still I wish she wouldn’t get so worried. I am going to knock Dr Mc Mahons socks off with how good I am doing like I did the last time. Now all I have to do is convince mummy. That’s going to be the hard thing.

It was a hard week this week on my Heterotaxy friends. My good friend Mia in America had an awful time. Mia was born three weeks after me and had to have an emergency Ladds procedure for her tummy, her appendix out cause they are on the wrong side and this is very dangerous and a feeding tube surgically implanted in her tummy. Oh man the poor girl, I hope they won’t have to do any of that stuff on me. I would so not be impressed guys.

Then to add to the drama my friend Logan was told he might need a heart and lung transplant. He was so sad and so was I. Thankfully he doesn’t the doctor in America did an Echo on his heart and turns out he didn’t have PVS after all. I wish I didn’t know all these technical words at 15 weeks like. I don’t need then guys cause I don’t want to be a doctor. I have already spent way too much time in hospitals.

So guys to other news my nana and daddy are doing amazingly well in their transformation operation exercises. Thanks Nicola and Brian for posting your comments. I was so super excited that you posted who you think will win:-) I can’t wait to weight them on Monday night when I get back from my check up in the big smoke. I will log on and let ye all know how they got on 🙂

Also I have discovered this amazing form of entertainment guys. It’s the most fascinating thing in the whole world. I can spend hours been entertained by it. I am going to let ye all in on this amazing discovery cause I am just so nice:-) got mummy to take a picture so ye make sure to do it just right guys. Check it out below.

So better head guys and get ready to see my auntie Lauretta. It’s her birthday guys. She is older than daddy if that is possible. I am not even going to tell you how old she is guys – Mortified 😉

Love ye all lots like jelly tots – baby B Xx x

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