Great news guys ! I may look like daddy but I also look like my mummy. Check out my mummy’s baby pic below. Mummy was three months old in this pic, so I am nearly the same age as her now. What do you all think?

Well I now know that shopping runs in the family. I am going to be a shopaholic cause it’s in my genes – oh man 🙂 I went shopping with auntie Laura today. Mummy had to work. She was so sad leaving me today I nearly cried. I didn’t however cause that makes her worse and there was no point in two of us crying. So I just smiled instead, drank all my bottle and watched my favourite cartoon ” the upside downers” mummy is feeling a little bad that I am a telly addict already:-) oh well what can a girl do!

We had a lovely mummy’s day by the way. Daddy and I spent ages writing mummy’s card and getting it just right. Then we brought her breakfast in bed, took her for lunch and got some lovely pictures of mummy and me in oysterhaven by the sea. I came out great in all if them. It took a little extra help to achieve this with mummy. Ha ha – Sure god love her. I will show you them in my next blog. They are still on daddy’s camera so I have to take them off that first.

Mummy had a bit of a moment on mothers day. She never believed she would be a mummy you see. This is because she had to wait so long for me. She didn’t know I took after daddy’s side in the time keeping department. Then after all that waiting poor mummy and daddy had to worry about my special heart. Well guys did they not realise that I am just extra special and good things come to those who wait, and I was soooo worth the wait if I do say so myself. Mummy spent the day telling daddy how lucky she was to have us both. Of course she is! Daddy and me are just the best like 😉

I better start using better English. I heard Nana Frances on the phone to mummy’s speech and drama / Irish dancing teacher today. Mummy told me all about Mrs Mc Closkey. That’s why I was so good at doing river dance in mummy’s tummy. Mummy said I am not allowed to do Irish Dancing now cause of my special heart ( that’s what she thinks) she has another thing coming if she thinks she can stop me. I have already perfected my tantrum routine to get what I want and I am only ten weeks old, imagine what I will be able to do in another ten weeks.

To throw the perfect tantrum all you have to do is scream your head off. If that doesn’t work then act like you can’t breath and that will have them all running. It’s easy peasy guys and you can get almost anything you want by doing this. No charge for this lesson.

Anyway I am really sleepy now. It’s way past my bed time. I ll talk to you all real soon. Don’t forget to let me know who you think I look like most mummy or daddy? These two are so easily amused. I am lucky to have such easy parents to mind. A few of my friends told me there’s can be a handful. I personally think it’s cause they haven’t trained them in right like I have. Dont these babies know routine is everything? Really like I think I might open up my own parent training business. I will need the money to keep up with mummy’s spending habits 🙂

Right guys I really am heading now. Don’t need any beauty sleep but I guess a little more beauty wouldn’t hurt me.

Love ye lots like jelly tots B x x x


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