Uncle Marks Birthday

So guys mummy and daddy went out together for the first time last night since I was born. It was uncle Marks Birthday. They had a great night and I was super good for nana and grand dad.

Today I went shopping again with mummy. I am worried this woman has a serious problem with shopping. She brought Daddy a lovely top and pants for my blessing. She got herself a lovely dress and got new bed clothes for the new bed uncle pete is making us. Can’t wait.

She also brought three new pairs of shoes, a coat and a top for herself for the day after my blessing. Then we went and got my hand print and foot print done. Mummy was telling the nice lady about how good I am and about my special heart so the lady is making me an extra special hand print design.

So then it was my turn for me to buy Me loads of nice new things. Daddy had gone to visit uncle John so for the first time mummy had me in the shop on her own. I wanted to see what she was getting me so I started bawling my eyes out to get out if my pram. Mummy took me out as everyone was looking at me 🙂 mummy was mortified I don’t know why. I just wanted to help her pick out my stuff. Well as she had so many bags ( her own fault like) and I am really heavy now (12 pounds) she couldn’t pick out anything oWIMP she went for the till with nothing for me. Well I wasnt having that so I bawled the place down. Mummy got all stressed out. Don’t know why she wasn’t the one going home empty handed. So now I am having a little fight with mummy. She has to learn 😉

By the way my shots went ok. They hurt like crazy. I gave doctor Eimear my dirty look so she got the message not to mess with me again. Thats all my news for the moment.

I love ye all guys – sleep tight and don’t forget to put forward your clocks tonight. B x x

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