Up wards and on wards

Hi guys hope you are all still enjoying your holidays. I know I am. I am sorry but I don’t have very long to update you today because my baby Brookie is coming to see me. My auntie Laur and uncle Pete are coming as well. I am so super excited about this. My auntie and uncle got me Wolfie and Dottie for Christmas. Guys I nearly fell out of my cot when I saw them. I nearly have all of Special agent Oso’s team now:-)

So yesterday I got my chest drains out and my Freddie. They tried to sedate me as this is a very sore procedure and they needed to stitch me up afterwards. The people in the blue coats gave me the medicine to put me to sleep. Well guys did they seriously think that I was going to fall for that a 3rd time. NO WAY – instead I learned that if you fight the sleep you can stay awake. I felt really funny, in fact kind of happy. I kept smiling at everyone with a big dopey look on my face. I even felt like I loved everyone! In fact I insisted in giving the lady in the blue top a hug and telling her I loved her. Now I wouldn’t have believed this if mummy hadn’t taken a picture to prove it to me. When I saw it I was mortified. My street cred in here as a tough baby has gone right out the window. Oh darn, I had invested so much time and energy into my tough exterior that some people wouldn’t even set foot in the door of my room once I had given them ” the look”.

So I was trying to figure out why I was acting like this when the lady in the blue top told mummy that as I had fought the sedation medicine so hard I had a feeling like I was drunk. Oh man I don’t know what drunk is but I am warning all you babies out there – Never, ever get drunk because it makes you do strange things.

So after my drains and Freddie came out mummy took me down to say a big thank you to holy god and baby Jesus. Here are a few pictures of my day yesterday.

I am going to love you and leave you now, as I said I need to get ready for my auntie, uncle and my baby’s arrival. Soooooo excited, love ye all your baby B x x





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