Hey everyone, happy Valentine’s I hope you have a lovely day. I need to say sorry for my lack of contact lately, you see I am ultra busy living the “normal life ” of a crazy one year old. Now that I am six weeks post operation I am allowed to do whatever I want. Well within reason that is. So I have been catching up with all my friends. This socialising is so time consuming.

Also mummy, daddy and I are doing loads of family things together like visiting parks, the zoo, feeding the ducks and playing together. It’s just so much fun. I feel so lucky to be able to do all these things.

Yesterday we went for lunch in Fota golf clubhouse. I ate a really nice lunch and the lady in the black and white uniform gave me a special seat and these things that are long and tall and all different colours. She also gave me a book with loads of animals in it. Mummy and daddy were more excited than me and started putting the long tall coloured things on the book and moving them up and down. They called it colouring. Well guys I got the hang of it in no time. We had so much fun that mummy said she was going to get me my very own colours and a colouring book. Woo hoo I am so excited about that.

Then the three of us went to the zoo. Instead of my boring pram I got to ride in my cool wheels. I got to see so much more this way and mummy and daddy were laughing at me because I nearly jumped out of my trike when I saw the zebras and started laughing and screaming with delight. Loads of other mummy and daddy’s started looking at me and laughing. I guess I am more excited than most other kids cause I haven’t been out in a while:-) they would be like that to if they were under house arrest for six weeks.

Well guys then I only went and totally mortified myself. Let me tell you, mummy felt sorry for me so she decided it was a good idea to let me out of my trike so I could see the ducks up close. I learned a really big lesson then, when your mummy yells stop at you then it’s for a very good reason and really you should stop. I didn’t and kept running over to the ducks, then I tripped and landed head first into a big muddy puddle. Oh the shame, the complete total embarrassment and mortification of it all. My only saving grace was my guy Daragh wasn’t there to see it. Imagine how awful that would have been for me! I will be more careful the next time.

So there I am flat on my face covered head to toe in mud and all these mummy’s and daddy’s come to help my mummy and daddy. I don’t know what the fuss was about. They all looked like they thought I was going to cry or something. Hello guys it’s only a little fall head first on concrete and mud. It ll take alot more than that to make me cry.

So then mummy and daddy cleaned my face and we all went for nice refreshments in the Zoo shop. We got to sit out side because the weather was so nice yesterday. I can’t wait to see what this week is going to be like. My cuz Brooke has her big Christening day on Saturday so that’s going to be mega fun. I’ll let you all know how we get on next week. Also mummy has her NCT for her car. I don’t know what this is but she is really nervous that she won’t pass. My big check up in crumlin is on Thursday, I know I will do great but as usual mummy is starting to get nervous already about that. So all in all a very busy week.

Daddy is of course my Valentine and always well be, but Daragh will you be my Valentine as well? I have a special picture below just for you.

Happy Valentines everyone, make sure you tell everyone you love that you love them this week. Important words of advice from your Little Lady B x x









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