Watch out world here I come !

Hey everyone, how are you? Me! I am super. Guys I need to fill you in, and all the baby’s out there on the most amazing, wonderful, incredible thing that I discovered all by myself this week. I really need to start charging for this information but I guess I will give you this bit of information free of charge because I am just such a nice baby.

Now I am so totally amazed with myself for coming up with this invention. I am pretty sure that it’s never been done before because I have never seen mummy, daddy or my nana’s and grand dad doing this. This is for all you baby’s out there who are a little unsteady on your feet. I am talking to you Daragh, Sadhbh, Mia and all my other friends – you guys know what I mean. It’s like you really want to stand and get moving so you can check out all the cool things in the kitchen cupboards but you just can’t get there. Well your all going to be super impressed with me ! I have discovered a solution around this. It’s called crawling. Now this is really complicated so I am actually holding classes in my place to teach you all how to do it. The cost of the classes is one ice cream per lesson. They are my favourite but mummy and daddy say I am too young for them yet. So It’s up to you to get around your mummy to buy you ice cream so you can pay for the class. Let me just put it this way fellow baby’s you so won’t be disappointed. I recommend you are all here for 7am every Sunday morning. That’s when we baby’s are full of energy. Also it will give your mummy’s and daddy’s something to do on their day off. Let’s face it, we don’t want them to be bored. What on earth did they do with their Sunday mornings before we can along? Phew thank god for us is all i’ll say:-)

On other news this week. There is major drama in my house about Auntie Laura. As you all know her and my cool uncle Pete put an order in with the stork last February after all the drama with my arrival was over. My Auntie and Uncle are super organised and they had their paperwork sorted out really fast after getting married. Mummy and daddy on the other hand are a bit slow that way. It took them seven years to apply for me. I seriously don’t know what they were up to. Anyway back to my cousin. So auntie Laura told me a big secret about the baby. Now there is a major dilemma in my house because everyone wants to know. Nana and grand dad thinks it’s a boy, then they think it’s a girl. Oh man I wish I could tell you all. I really do but Auntie Laura wouldn’t be impressed with me if I did. Anyway it’s only another 11 weeks till I get to tell the world. I am so excited about having a cousin. It’s going to be so cool to have a little slave ….. Sorry, sorry I mean a little play mate to hang around with.

The only thing I am a little bit worried about is my auntie Laura. Do not under any circumstances tell her this but she is getting fatter by the day. If she doesn’t stop eating toffee crisps she will so mortify my poor baby cuz. Now I know you think I am being mean but she has seriously put on some major weight. In fact since I was born she keeps getting bigger and bigger very week. Man I really hope she will be able to fit in my house. If she keeps getting bigger by the week in another few weeks she won’t be able to. Thankfully now that I can crawl I can hide the toffee crisps that mummy keeps for her ” cravings ” what ever they are!!! So I better go do that now before I forget and Auntie explodes in a bubble of toffee crisps. Oh man now I am definitely going to have nightmares tonight picturing my auntie exploding in my kitchen. You guys are so lucky that I love and don’t mind sharing what’s going on in my mind.

Until next week guys, forever yours, your Baby B x x

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