Welcome Baby Daragh

Well guys my best friend Anna turned into a boy named Daragh – oh man! how did that happen like. Now I am in a complete dilemma – an older man or younger man for me! What do u all think! Going to meet Daragh over the weekend so I will decide then if my boyfriend is going to be Jason or Daragh. I also have the big problem now of not having a best girl friend. better sort that fast.

Also my godfather turns 32 on the 31st of march. He is having his Birthday party tomorrow night. Happy Birthday uncle Mark. How ancient is he guys ! Can’t believe my Godfather is soooo old. I am mortified 🙂 But don’t tell him I told u that. I think he still thinks he’s a young fellow. Ha Ha

My poor uncle John isn’t feeling so well at the moment. Please say a prayer that he gets better real soon so he can come and give me big cuddles.

So guys that’s all my news. It’s been a busy week. Mummy and me are having a girlie day tomorrow and I am going to get my shots at the doctors office. I was supposed to get them at six weeks but we needed to see if I needed my first operation. I wouldn’t have got them if I did. I guess it’s a fair trade off. Anyway I am well used to needles at this stage so I will be fine:-)

Take a look at my cool pic below. Nana Rose gave me her dress up wig do I could see what I look like with hair. what do u think guys? Does it suit me ?

Talk to u all real soon B x x

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