What a lovely day

Well guys today was one of my best days yet. Had a cuddle with mummy this morning before my bath. Then we had a really relaxed chilled out morning. Mummy did my night feeds cause poor daddy is wrecked from them. He did them in Crumlin so it’s only fair it’s mummy’s turn. I have mummy’s Iphone tonight and she is helping me out with my blog.

So today stated great. Loads of cuddles and then mummy dressed me in another beautiful new outfit that auntie debs mummy got me. I looked amazing if I do say so myself.

I met auntie Laura and uncle pete today. Auntie Laura just loves me and spoilt me rotten. Daddy was saying something about getting auntie Laura and uncle pete to work on getting a cousin for me! Mummy was telling daddy to stop and to leave them alone. Don’t know what that was about!

I also visited grand dad Michael with daddy. Daddy was looking forward to taking me to meet him for ages. Daddy and I said a quick hello and said a prayer.

Mummy and daddy then brought me out for a spin in daddy’s car. We went to buy me lots of new things. I stayed in the car while mummy and daddy took turns shopping for things for me. Mummy is being extra careful that no germs get on me. I don’t mind staying in the car. I have loads of new toys to look at and play with.

This week is CHD awareness week. For us CHD warriors it’s called heart week and I am a heart baby. This is a very special club that only one out of every 125 babies can join. I am that one. Mummy says I am the bravest person that she knows. Daddy and mummy keep saying what a great little girl I am to put up with all them doctors pulling and poking me all the time. I love that mummy and daddy are really proud of me.

I was just reading all my messages in my blog. As I was so busy last week with all my tests and trying to avoid doctors and tube feeding I kind of fell behind in reading my updates. I was so happy and excited to see so many people who sent me lovely messages and who care about me. Thanks a million guys.

Well that’s all for tonight guys. I need to get my beauty sleep. I am wrecked from all my travels today. Talk to you real soon.

Love ye all B x x

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