What will i do today then!

Hey everyone, how are ye all doing! I am still doing great thank god. I went shopping yesterday with mummy and nana. We met mummy’s friends from college for lunch. They are lovely and guess what! More presents for me 😉

We also bumped into auntie Michelle mummy’s good friend and I met con and cara. They were out shopping with their mummy and auntie Marie. I think it’s what us babies do on Fridays. I really like it cause nana and mummy could not resist buying me more stuff. I got a lovely new coat. I will post a picture of it later. It really suits me I think.

Going to visit my two nana’s houses today. It will be the first time I have visited anyone elses house. I need to be careful no one is sick so that’s why it’s taken me so long. I hear everyone has houses. That’s great. Can’t wait to visit all of yours.

So that’s all my news.

Love ye all B x x

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