When Irish eyes are smiling

Hey guys what a fun few weeks it’s been. I went to my very first St. Patrick’s day parade with my family. I must say my daddy mortified me by wearing a big coloured thing on his head. It was green, white and orange but it kind of made him look like a clown in the circus.

Speaking of the circus I also went there for the very first time ever as well. Guys you just gota go ASAP. This was probably one of the funniest things I have ever done in my entire life. I nearly fell off my mummy and daddy’s lap a million times during the two hour performance because I was just so crazy and excited by what I saw.

I can’t even begin to describe how incredible the whole thing was. There were camels , elephants, acrobats, clowns and just when I thought they couldn’t possible top their acts out came The One, The Only Mickey mouse and his girlfriend Minnie!

Well guys I actually did fall off the seat with excitement this time. Poor mummy got an awful fright but I didn’t care I just sat right back up and danced and clapped along with the music.

Unfortunately the circus was completely and totally wasted on my mummy and daddy. They just spent the whole time looking at me and smiling at each other. Man I wish I had saved the money on their tickets and brought my baby Brooke and my guy Daragh instead they would have totally appreciated it more than mummy and daddy. Oh well, I guess you live and learn.

Speaking of my guy Daragh, it was his first birthday today. He is now officially in digit land. Man we are really pushing on. Time is just flying by. Thank god we are making the most of it, that’s all I’ll say.

I must be completely honest with you all. I have a big secret !!! And I mean massive, I have been doing something really bad lately. I have been seeing another guy behind Daragh’s back;-( I know guys,it’s just awful of me!

He is older than Daragh and really looks after me. It kinda started a few weeks ago. We have been hanging around in the same gang for ages and his brother is going out with my guy Daragh’s sister Liadh. Wow it’s just sooooo complicated!

Anyway his name is Jason and he is also my god daddy’s son. I don’t even know if this is legal! Man I hope it is. I am way to cute to go to jail. I feel much better now that I got it off my chest. It’s been really bothering me for ages.

Please guys don’t open your mouths to ANYONE about this. If it gets out I am going to be in super hot water with so many people on so many levels. I do however need your advice. I am going to be seeing both Daragh and Jason together on Sunday for a play date. You see to complicate things further all our mummy’s and daddy’s are friends. Now I really dont know what I am going to do or how I am going to act with them both in the same room together at the same time. I am just hoping there wont be a big fight.

Wow this growing up stuff sure is complicated. Ever since I left baby land it just keeps getting more and more complicated. Between this and my new job I am really starting to stress out. So guys if this is what it’s like to grow up no wonder mummy and daddy look so ancient!

I am posting a few pics of all the different fun things I have been doing over the last two weeks along with some pics of me and my new guy. If any one has any advice on what you all think I should do about the Daragh / Jason baby love triangle situation it would be really appreciated.

I ll let you know how Sunday goes, your confused in love little Lady B x x









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