When will I, will I be famous!

Well guys super exciting news! My God father and I are having our professional photo shoot for the news paper tomorrow night. Oh the drama of it! What to wear, how to pose!!! As you can imagine I am a super busy lady today.

At the moment I am down minding my Nana Rose and Auntie Lauretta, it sure is tiring trying to keep them entertained by climbing on top of everything and anything I see but add the stress of getting ready for my professional photo shoot on top of that and you ll get a picture of my stress levels right now.

The Echo are doing a feature on my God daddy Mark and I. As you all know Mark is running the Cork city Marathon for me and all the money he makes is going direct to the cardiac department in Crumlin. He is doing really great so far and I think he will reach our target of 1,000 euro. The nice people in Crumlin are going to be so happy with me.

In other news I brought Nana and auntie Lauretta to the circus. They just loved it. This is my second circus this year so I am pretty experienced but Nana and auntie Lauretta hadn’t gone in years. They were super excited. I thought they were going to jump out of their seats with excitement, lucky for them I was able to calm them down.

I was a little sick last week. I have a real nasty cold that I just can’t seem to shake. Of course mummy over reacted and took me in to the hospital. I was completely totally mortified after I got over the shock of being in a hospital. I knew where I was immediately when I saw the people in the blue coats. I started bawling crying and discovered that if I look up at mummy and cry in a really soft voice while saying ” why mummy, why” ! it pulls at her heart strings and she nearly cries as well. I hoping if I do this enough she will never bring me back there!!!! Worth a try anyway:-)

So I am going to head off now and finish entertaining, I see a lovely dangerous looking ledge that I haven’t tried climbing yet. Looks like fun! Don’t forget to buy the Echo the day after tomorrow and I will autograph it for you the next time I see you, your little lady B x x


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