Bring the Heart Angel to the World



Béibhinn loved adventure, fun and travel. She dreamed of going to lots of places while on this earth.  In her short life she managed to fit in more than most people do in their lives. To help her continue travelling the world we are asking people to take a photo of themselves with a homemade sign saying 



(with a picture of B on it if you can, this is optional).  Also if you could tag her on twitter @theheartangelb or on instagram at theheartangel_b  and help spread the word to encourage people to share her story.

Perth - Australia.jpg
The Black Arch - Antrim - Ireland.jpg

We would love if you took this picture in different places all around the world so we can post it here in our gallery for everyone to see how far and wide B can travel. We would love to see you in the photo if you are happy to do this.  We know that right now people are not travelling. However B has friends, family and of course her heart buddy family all over the world. We would love to see and hear from all of you.

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